On this holiday which could be preoccupied with football, turkey ‘n dressing and pumpkin pie, can we pause before overindulging to remember the sacrifices of so many who planted and cultivated the America we enjoy today? A salute of gratitude and solemn respect is owed to the common man patriots risking all to frame our uncommon government. To the pioneers who stretched the boundaries of an already bountiful nation even more westerly. To both slave and free man, wounded and struck down in a shameful war over opposing social and economic views of a fellow human being’s civil rights. Yes and even to the captains of industry and the barons of business reveling in profits and growth that only a capitalistic society can yield. To the dauntless inventor, the devoted teacher, the curious explorer –– all dedicated to making the road better for all of us more timid souls on our journey into an uncertain future. To every brave man and woman who gave the last full measure of courage from Yorktown to Kabul, and on all the blood stained seas and soil in between. But mostly, thanksgiving is due to the gracious God in Whom we trust, even as that reverent and crucial sentiment fades away into unpopularity each day. It’s time to repent from the apathy of ingratitude and to arise from the sleep of self-centered comfort before what we hold dear is snatched away and we find this nation too soon added to the list of empires crumbling into the annals of archaeology.